At Gray, our mission is to create the finest carbon bicyles and related products available. Extensive research, superior design, the finest materials and real performance are our mantras. We weren’t going to be another “Me Too” line of bike products. Gray bikes, wheels and components needed to do everything you expect and more. Sometimes that means spending more time sourcing the finest materials or not using a product we’ve invested in because it just didn’t measure up to our standards. That’s being there for you and we take it seriously.

Gray WheelsThis concept means a lot to us because when we competed as cyclists, triathletes and runners there were people in our lives that were there for us. Without them, we would have never been able to achieve any success and maybe we wouldn’t have been here talking to you. The Gray name was the founder’s Uncle’s, who gave unrelenting support and helped him through 15 years as a professional cyclist and triathlete. This is why it’s important to us to be there for you.

“There for You” means you can contact us anytime for whatever reason seems important: Product advice, pre sales questions, crash replacement, warranties, anything. We want to hear from you. This not only helps you but it helps us make Gray products better. We never forget why we’re here. You!