Gray wheels are handmade from high modulus carbon. The rims are designed for maximum aerodynamics and minimum weight, while retaining incredible structural strength. In fact, structural strength is the area our engineers have made our primary focus. This has allowed us to produce an extremely solid, strong and stiff rim that can handle a rider up to 240 lbs, while still maintaining extremely light weight.

We offer 6 specific wheel models. Each model is designed to optimize specific riding conditions. The 40 mm Full Carbon Clincher is designed as a great training and climbing wheel. The 50 mm Full Carbon Clincher is designed as a versatile training and racing wheel that offers the greatest all round aero dynamics when including all riding and weather conditions. The deep 95 mm rim is optimized for maximum aerodynamics at 43 km per hour (26.7 mph). The 95 mm depth and rim design is proven to be the most aerodynamic at this speed over all other depths. Going deeper only ads more weight and does not reduce more drag, unless it is a full disc. Our disc is our only “adopted” wheel. We collaborate with Zipp on this wheel, since the version we use is not only the lightest disc ever made (945 grams), it is also the most aerodynamic.

Ever since triathlons inception, there has been a discussion on what the most aerodynamic and effective wheel combination is. There has been lots of misinformation in this area, so here is bottom line:

  • In flat, non windy conditions, a 95 mm front and a disc rear is the fastest combination.
  • In slightly windy conditions, a 50 mm or 95 mm and 95 mm rear is the fastest combination.
  • In more windy and /or hilly conditions, a 50 mm front and disc or 95 mm rear is the fastest combination.
  • In hilly and non windy conditions, the 40 mm front and rear is a preferred wheel.
  • In conditions that are both windy and hilly, the 50 mm front and rear is the preferred option.

GRAY Bicycles Feature:

  • Full high modulus carbon
  • Fully UCI tested and approved
  • Available for Campagnolo, SRAM, or Shimano
  • Super high impact-resistant molded rim
  • 20 spoke front / 24 spoke rear
  • Single billet CNC machined hub
  • Four fully sealed EZO bearings
  • Stainless bladed spokes
  • Integrated internal nipples
  • 43 gram Ti skewers with solid axle
  • Basalt breaking surface
  • Specialty breaking pads included
  • Nipple tool included
  • Tubular and carbon clincher
  • Super-engineered structural strength
  • Optimized aerodynamic design
  • Road or track setup (disc only)
  • Hand built